Monday, 21 October 2013

Frigate F04 Justin Philip updated

A new Frigate F04 Justin Philip Ver 2 found under Vehicles / Miscellaneous Vehicles, costs 0.
How to install
Replace Carlos ship frigate F04 Justin Philip.package with the new one. I've also included the Sims3Pack file so that both posts are up to date. If the game doesn't update simply delete the frigate  and place the new one in it's exact place. I've also smoothened some lines on the back of the frigate.
The needed changes
I've moved back the missile tubes and the guns so that the helicopter's blades are out of reach of the guns. You can now place the helicopter in the centre of the helipad circle.
Note As it is, the blades are nowhere near the guns but if you can picture them turned, they would definitely touch the guns in the original version of the frigate.
Frigate F04 Justin Philip Ver 2
definitely see
Frigate F04 Justin Philip

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