Friday, 3 September 2010

Naval base & Nuclear aircraft carrier Fairview CN14

Picture 7

A new nuclear aircraft carrier CN14 "Fairview", F14s, F18, piers, pier blocks/railing and security fencing.
It's a highly complex setup.
New lots has shown in picture 7 should be built, to accommodate the huge aircraft carrier.
The lots have to all be at the same height (flattened 100%) and they all have to be vertically and horizontally exactly lined up.
The piers are placed on the horizontal lots and are L shaped. The second smaller pier on the left is optional.
The pier front piece(s) extend the pier to the left or right as long as you have horizontal aligned lots.
The planes are placed from the 5 lots and can be placed as you wish. Some of the F14s have to be rotated.
The aircraft carrier and the F18s have 3 colours changeable in the game.
The F14s are not complete. I will update with finished ones A.S.A.P.
The security fences are 1 block standalone fence to be placed piece by piece and can be placed between lots.
The security gate(s) and turnstile fit perfectly onto the fence. There is an end pole to complete the fence. The fence fits perfectly over the slightly raised pier.
The pier cement block and railing go together to form a pier protection.
The aircraft carrier, the F14s and F18s are to exact scale.
Other naval items will soon be available.

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  1. I have installed all the above ad-dons to make a proper military base and none of the components that I have installed shows up in my game.