Friday, 26 November 2010

Albert's Place - a commercial skyscraper

A new modern skyscraper. It can be found under Decor / Misc. Decor and costs 0.
It can be used as a rabbit hole.
This is a very versatile building as you can double it up and make your own building.
The sky is the limit with the amount of possible variations you can create.
You can use it alone, doubled up (as shown below) and even tripled up (2 face back, middle one facing forward ) to create some unique buildings.
You need to use the cheat code "moveobjects on" to be able to place the 2 buildings on top of eack other. The fountain used, is from Late Night.
Albert's Place building (MediaFire)
In this lot I've used my own parking bay, parking meter, parking sign and 3rd Avenue street name.
The car used is the Claudrio VRX 3,5l V10.
Extra items
parking bay pavement right parking bay (MediaFire)
parking meter parking meter (MediaFire)
parking sign parking sign (MediaFire)
street name 3rd avenue street name (MediaFire)
Claudrio VRX 3,5l V10 car (MediaFire)

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