Thursday, 9 June 2011

Golf course - hole 9 for CAW

A new golf course hole no. 9. It's a lot, so it comes in a sims3pack file. The lot is a standard 20 x 15. In CAW you need to create a 20 x 15 lot and then in Edit in Game place the "Hole 9 lot" into it. Save and go back to CAW and rotate or move the lot so it suits your needs. You need to have the 18 golf flags for CAW set installed so that flag 9 shows up. This is 9 of a set of 18 golf course holes. You can use it straight onto your game if you have a 20 x 15 lot but you won't be able to rotate it or set it up exactly where you want it to be. You can name it a different hole or redesign it.

This allows you to build your first 9 hole game. This hole is a par 5. It has a negative sloped green. The hole is on a down slope of the green. A very difficult hole.
My golf course so far with 9 holes
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  1. Yay, Carlos!! I was patiently waiting for the 9th hole. I think that will be all I have room for in my world. I went back to working on my world just today because playing S3Gen without a fix is sooooo.....difficult. CAW is not acting any better but my WIP is about 90% complete and you made me find new inspiration to try to finish. Thank you again. Keep up the excellent work!!

  2. Hi Sanderella, I'm so glad I've made someone happy. I've tried (in my case) to make the distance sort of realistic between holes so obviously it takes a lot of space. My world is big so I've still got a lot of space.
    I'll be making a few more holes soon so you'll have a bigger choice of holes to pick from.