Sunday, 10 October 2010

Bridges - ultra modern suspension for CAW

A new 7 package bridge.
1. The body ( new ) - double length
2. Centre railing left ( new ) - longer then the actual bridge
3. Centre railing right ( new ) - longer then the actual bridge
4. Chevron sign ( new ) - to be placed outside bridge, between the centre railings
5. Link ( same as in Flyovers )
6. Railings ( same as in Flyovers )
7. Road surface ( same as in Flyovers )

Please read the post Flyovers for install instructions.
4 new items only ( if you've downloaded Flyover already ).
4 new items
Full set - 7 items
see also
Old Roman bridge - yellow middle line
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Bridges for CAW - Suspension 1


  1. I can't find anything on how to use the suspension bridge in create a world. I searched through the posts and can't find it. How do you make it where the street goes over the water?? What's the right way to use the bridge in create a world?

  2. Hi Tarren, e-mail me at and I'll try to help you. Carlos