Wednesday, 13 July 2011

London street names set 1

A new set of 9 London street names to be placed on walls, found under Decor/Wall Decorations and all cost 0. The sign can be moved up or down a wall :
use Shift/: ( moves sign up )
      Shift/~ ( moves sign down )
London street names - set 1 (MediaFire)


  1. Is it possible to request a few more street signs from you?
    I want to use yours in a Doctor Who themed world that Im finishing up, but could really use the following as well:
    Totter's Lane (London)
    Bannerman Road (Ealing)
    Queen's Road (Peckham)
    Brute Place (Cardiff)

  2. Hi shadgray, yes you can. I need good quality pictures of these street names before I can make them. Carlos