Saturday, 18 December 2010

Under construction part 1

A new 5 part set consisting of:
1. Under construction fence - found under Build Mode / Fences, costs 0.
2-4. Small, medium & large sand dumps - found under Decor / Misc. Decor, all costs 0.
5. An under construction sign on a metal pole - found under Decor / Misc. Decor, costs 0.
Create a hole on the ground, give it some dark texture, place the fence around it,
type in the cheat "moveobjects on", place all the 3 sizes of sand dumps. They can be rotated or placed into each other, so this gives it an infinite possible combination of sand dumps. The sand can blend into the fence which gives a realistic look.
Under construction set 1 (MediaFre)
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Under construction part 2

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