Saturday, 17 September 2011

St. John hospital

A new St. John hospital found under Build Mode / Community Objects. It's a rabbit hole. I tried to give it a fresher look. It goes with the Shadow SH21 Skybird St. John helicopter. You might need to use the cheat moveobjects on. As you can see by the pictures I've move it to the edge of the 64 x 64 lot, this gave me more space in front to create an emergency lane and a parking lot. I'll try to make an ambulance ( and maybe a paramedic truck ) to go in front of the hospital entrance. All will be displaying the St.John logo
Pictures by permission
St.John hospital
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St John hospital traffic sign 2 for CAW
St John hospital traffic sign for CAW
St. John sign
SH21 Skybird St. John Ambulance helicopter