Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Caltex Petrol Station - part 5 - Car Wash

A new 4 part set:

1. Car wash roller frame
2. Car wash roller
3. Car wash decor car Claudrio
4. New entrance logo with "car wash" sign, all found under Decor/ Misc.Decor and all cost 0.

How to install:
Use the cheat "moveojects on".
Place the car wash roller frame and the car wash roller, place 6 of the EA's Regifted Windows with "no walls", make sure the windows fit exactly to the roller frame. Temporary place 4 columns in the centre of the car wash, this enables you to place a a roof, delete the columns. Place 6 of the EA's Medium Geyser Fountains to simulate a sort of car wash jets. Finally, place the decor car Claudrio in the centre of it as per second picture.

 Caltex Petrol Station - car wash set (MediaFire)

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