Thursday, 7 October 2010


A new 4 piece flyover to work in CAW.
The 4 package files have to be installed in the package folder under Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims3 Create a World Tool and also in the My Documents/...../Packages to show up in the game.
The 4 packages:
The link is EA's Structural Bridge stripped down to one surface.
The body is the actual physical flyover, to be placed over the link.
The road surface is the road and it fits on top of the flyover's body.
The railings are the 2 side protections on the flyover, also to be placed on top of the flyover's body.
I've used 2 sets of the 4 components to make the flyover double length.
The colours can't be changed. I recommend that you keep everything at 0 or 90 degrees and use the property editor in CAW to set everything at the same XYZ for each set of 4 components.
NB. As per pictures you can have the flyover running over a road and both work fine.

Flyovers - 4 part
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  1. Pueden pasar los coches por la carretera de abajo? Gracias

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  3. Hi :) I don't know how to do that, can you help? How should I do this link?

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  5. Hi, can the streets go under the bridge?