Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Joana's Deep - diving spot

A new Joana's Deep - diving spot consisting of 1 Sims3Pack file and 25 packages.
24 packages are found under Decor / Sculptures, all cost 0 and the other ( Scuba buoy ) found under Vehicles / MiscellaneousVehicles, costs 0. You need Paradise Island for the Diving spot to work and for some items functionality. The Sims3Pack file has to be installed through the Game Launcher.

This is a shallow under water lot, so I've shown below a picture where ideally it would go.

How it works ( after installing the Sims3Pack and the 25 custom package files ):
1.  In World Editor mode build a 64x64 lot in the sea ( preferably in a shallow depth )
2.  Press Ctrl / Shift + C and type in the game cheats
      a. testingCheatsEnabled true
      b. enableLotLocking true
3.  Click on the lot and change the type to Community / Diving Area
4.  Click on the lot and click on Build / Buy
5.  Click on Terrain Tools
6.  Click on Flatten Lot - the lot disappears under sea
7.  Choose Edit Town / Show Community Lots, click on Joana's Deep - diving spot
8.  Click on Place Copy
9.  Click on your new Diving lot
10. You should see all the custom items above the water
11. Accept
12. Save
13. Main Menu
14. Open/load same world again
15. The new "Joana's Deep - diving spot" is now completely submerged ( and ready for action ).
The ideal location for the Dive Spot - picture from Paradise Island
My custom buoy ( green and white )
Click on the buoy to Scuba dive and explore the new "Joana's Deep - diving spot"
Pictures taken at night show the layout of the Diving Spot
It's really hard to describe the breath taking view of "Joana's Deep - diving spot" seen from above the water at night time. I just can't stop looking at it. It somehow looks a bit spooky.
Joana's Deep - diving spot
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I've kept it quiet basic. You could add fish, shark spawners and all sort of items to further enhance the dive spot.  The "Boat with damaged hull" and the "Vase relic on sea bed" are new unpublished packages.
PS. If you have problems in creating the Diving spot, please consult the "EA Store The Sims 3", there are lots of posts there to help you.

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