Saturday, 1 January 2011

Caltex petrol station - part 1

A new 13 part set. 9 parts are found under Decor/Misc. Decor and cost 0.
4 lights found under Lighting / Outdoor lights and cost 0.
I 've included a 14th item, the garage parking space, found under Vehicles and it costs 0.
You need the cheat code "moveobjects on".

Please follow the pictures below as I guide how to install the roof section at the end.

You don't have to install 20 fluorescent lamps on the roof, probably 4 is enough as each pump has it's own light, so it's up to you how many you want to put in.
NB. The roof logo light and the entrance logo light look identical but there are not interchangeable, one fits exactly next to the roof while the other fits exactly in the centre of the entrance logo.
Caltex petrol station - part 1 and garage parking space (MediaFire)
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  1. It's very great Petrol Station

    Can you make this please in Sims3pack?

  2. Hi harald
    Once I'm finished with all of it (probably part 3),I will export the whole lot to a Sims3pack.
    I'm busy making part 2 now.

  3. Thank you for this Petrol Station.

    I have a question, it's this Station change Color?

  4. Hi harald.nigg, no. Carlos