Sunday, 14 November 2010

Military part 2 - fence, pole, gate, signs, bus & satellite dish

A 8 package bundle:
1. fence
2. fence pole
3. gate
4. and 5. left and right stop signs
6. warning sign
7. bus
8. small satellite dish
all found under Decor/Misc. Decor, all cost 0.
The cheat "moveobjects on" is necessary.
The fence can be installed between lots.
The fence pole is used once to end off the fence.
The gates - left and right can be placed over a road. You need to rotate the gate on the right hand side 180 degrees.
There are 2 "unique" stop signs, I've used both. You need to rotate the right side one, 180 degrees.
The warning sign can be placed against any fence or wall.
The bus is the old school bus, I just removed the red lines and the pattern.
The small satellite dish can be installed on any flat roof, 1 to 5 stories high.
Military base - part 2 (MediaFire)


  1. hey, link id dead :( i cant download this too

  2. we're do we down load this? would love to have that fence.

  3. Hi jaxsen logan, below the last picture there is a link Military base - part 2, click on it. Carlos

  4. It generates a frequency that can't be heard by Sims but drives ghosts and other Underworld creatures up the wall. After installing this fence your Sims will have no more sleepless nights.home fence installation