Sunday, 12 December 2010

Heckler & Koch G36 assault rifle & gun rack

A new 4 part set:
1. G36 in normal texture
2. G36 in camouflaged colour
3. G36 in light grey colour
4. G36 gun rack
all found under Decor / Misc. Decor, all cost 0.
The cheat code "moveobjects on" is necessary to place the rifle on the rack and to place the rack against any wall.

3 different G36 assault rifles and gun rack (MediaFire)


  1. Just over two years late, nevertheless; I just found these and think they're fudging amazing. Nicely done, you deserve some appreciation for it.

  2. Hi RazzmaTAZ, "fudging" amazing so it be, thank U. Carlos

  3. This is a really awesome creation! I just thought I should let you know that the black rifle won't place onto the gun rack. Wondering if it's just in my game that this happens :)

  4. Hi AliceGirl1234, the 3 rifles are of the same mesh, just different textures. Sorry but I have no idea why this is happenning to you. Carlos