Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Table umbrellas with famous drink logos for World Adventures

A new set of 16 umbrellas with world famous brands of drinks. They can be found under Decor / Misc. Decor and all cost 0. You need World Adventures or a later game for them to show in your game.
They are mostly of beers from all over the world.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Military part 5 - Military HQ rabbit hole for AMB

A fresher and better looking Military Headquarters. It can be found under Build Mode / Community Objects. You need Ambitions or Late Night for it to show up.

Military HQ (MediaFire)

Friday, 26 November 2010

Albert's Place - a commercial skyscraper

A new modern skyscraper. It can be found under Decor / Misc. Decor and costs 0.
It can be used as a rabbit hole.
This is a very versatile building as you can double it up and make your own building.
The sky is the limit with the amount of possible variations you can create.
You can use it alone, doubled up (as shown below) and even tripled up (2 face back, middle one facing forward ) to create some unique buildings.
You need to use the cheat code "moveobjects on" to be able to place the 2 buildings on top of eack other. The fountain used, is from Late Night.
Albert's Place building (MediaFire)
In this lot I've used my own parking bay, parking meter, parking sign and 3rd Avenue street name.
The car used is the Claudrio VRX 3,5l V10.
Extra items
parking bay pavement right parking bay (MediaFire)
parking meter parking meter (MediaFire)
parking sign parking sign (MediaFire)
street name 3rd avenue street name (MediaFire)
Claudrio VRX 3,5l V10 car (MediaFire)

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Military part 4 - Heavy Equipment Transporter

A new 3 part set consisting of:
HET MT1070 tractor
HET MT1070 trailer
M1 Abrams tank
all found under Decor/Misc. Decor and all cost 0.
You need to use the cheat "moveobjects on" to place all 3 together.
The tractor can be placed outside the lot i.e. slightly intruding onto the road. The M1 Abrams tank can only be used on the trailer as it was made especially to fit on top of the trailer.
HET MT1070 set (MediaFire)
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Armoured Personnel Carrier BTR 60 PB

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Armoured Personnel Carrier BTR 60 PB

A 6 package set consisting of:
4 BTR 60 PBs in 4 different colour schemes
   a. army green
   b. brown camouflage
   c. green camouflage
   d. grey camouflage
2 different guns
all can be found under Decor/Misc. Decor and all cost 0.
You need to use the cheat "moveobjects on" to place the guns into the APCs.
You can have up to 8 different models variations.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Military part 2 - fence, pole, gate, signs, bus & satellite dish

A 8 package bundle:
1. fence
2. fence pole
3. gate
4. and 5. left and right stop signs
6. warning sign
7. bus
8. small satellite dish
all found under Decor/Misc. Decor, all cost 0.
The cheat "moveobjects on" is necessary.
The fence can be installed between lots.
The fence pole is used once to end off the fence.
The gates - left and right can be placed over a road. You need to rotate the gate on the right hand side 180 degrees.
There are 2 "unique" stop signs, I've used both. You need to rotate the right side one, 180 degrees.
The warning sign can be placed against any fence or wall.
The bus is the old school bus, I just removed the red lines and the pattern.
The small satellite dish can be installed on any flat roof, 1 to 5 stories high.
Military base - part 2 (MediaFire)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

1980 Palermo - Mafia's car

A clone of the Big Lemon, found under Vehicles, because it's a Mafia's car it only costs 200.
All 4 front lights are working.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Submarine A4 Stealth Class Carrie-C F21

A new submarine to go into a naval base. Found under Decor/Misc Decor and costs 0.
Please see my older post of the Naval Base on the 3rd of September to give you an idea how to install it.
The submarine is installed from the front of the pier, contrary to the Aircraft carrier which came from the side of the long pier. You have to rotate it 180 degrees. It has 1 colour channel, so colour it to your own liking. I used a geometric pattern on this occasion.

Submarine A4 Stealth Class Carrie-C F21 (MediaFire)
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Modern highway dual lights for CAW & LN

A new Modern highway dual lights for CAW & LN, angled and a longer light. Found under Lighting/Outdoor Lighting. You need Late Night or a later expansion pack for the lights to show.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

English pub "2 Maidens" - rabbithole

A new 2 package set
1. English pub 2 Maidens - a rabbithole - found under Build mode/Community Objects.
2. Game mod pub hours 0800 to 2400 - to be placed on the Mods folder.
The game mod simply allows you to eat from 8 o'clock in the morning. This mod will probably work for all restaurants derived from the Little Corsican Bistro.
It has a brick look and it's dark, to make it look old.
The logo "2 Maidens", the menu and the credit cards ( Visa, MasterCard, American Express ) on the front door are all in English and have a real life look to them.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Modern street light for CAW - Late Night

A new Modern street light for CAW  found under Lighting/Outdoor Lighting and it costs 0.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Highway dual lights for CAW - Late Night

A new set of 2 packages
1. Highway dual lights
2. Cement road barrier
the lights are found under Lighting/Outdoor Lighting, the cement barrier found under Decor/Misc. Decor, they all cost 0.
Use the Property Browser in CAW to set the lights and the cement barriers, all at the same height and all lined up. I used 2 cement barriers between every light and a gave it a little gap on both sides of the lights to the cement barriers. I've used the lights and cement barriers on the flyover and the lights only on the ultra modern suspension bridge. You need Late Night or a later expansion pack for the lights to show in your game.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

33 street names for Bridgeport & CAW

A new 34 set of  33 street names and 1 post, all can be found under Decor/Misc Decor and all cost 0.
Use the cheat "moveobjects on" to place the street name on the post. The street names and the post have a 2 block offset in the X - axis so they can be placed on pavements. The street names can also be placed on the post of the "direction signs". I've used the "World Editor" button to create a few 10 x 10 lots and to place some street names on open ground.