Friday, 2 March 2012

Pets CC Bug Fixer

After installing Pets some of my creations showed problems due to the change of the RIG setup in some of the package files done by EA. This happens a lot with the EA cars I modify.

TSR has created a tool called "TSR RigFix" which fixes the problem in conjunction with the granny2.dll.

Please download the granny2.dll / TSR RigFix and follow the "TSR RigFix instructions" to solve the problem on all of the Custom Content, not only mine but from other sources.

NB. I've tried my "Pub Stool" and it's working properly again so I pressume that all my other packages with the EA problem will now work properly.

Please do not ask me for help on the instructions as the instructions given by TSR are perfect and straight forward.
granny2.dll (MediaFire)
TSR RigFix (MediaFire)

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