Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Old bridge for CAW

A new old bridge found under Decor / Sculptures, costs 0. This set is made up of 2 parts:
1. Carlos bridge old                 -> in CAW     Bridge Old
2. Carlos bridge modern link     -> in CAW     Bridge Modern Road

NB. If you've installed the Flyover or any of my bridges you can delete the "Carlos bridge modern link.package" as it is a duplicate.

You place the Bridge Old ( the body ) and then add 2x Bridge Modern Road (the road links) and make sure that the 2 Bridge Modern Road are concealled into the bridge body and as high as possible to the road  surface without extruding over it. The Bridge Modern Road is a Debug item and it shows as a semi-transparent item in CAW. You have to place the 2 Bridge Modern Road items perfectly lined up and at the exact same height concealed within the bridge body. You have to make sure that you attach the road ends on both sides to the Bridge Modern Road links ( blue squares ). There is no away of attaching the 2 Bridge Modern Road in the middle but by having them on top of each other the game makes it as if you've attached them, this means that the 2 inside end sections of the Bridge Modern Road have to be perfectly matching ( touching ) each other, almost flush.

You need Pets or a later pack and  to place the package in both the mods/packages (Sims3 ) directory and in the "The Sims 3 Create a World Tool/ Packages" directory for the item to show in your game. There is an earlier post explaining how to install items in CAW.

Importing packages into CAW

The bridge body

The 2 road links
You may want to use the "USA road surface". It will have to be placed a few centimetres above the bridge surface not to cause the cutting off of the car's tires, if placed too high.
USA road surface
                                       Game images
Old bridge set
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PS. You can use this bridge over a river or over a road + a railway line. You can also use it as purely a decoration item as it is a complete unit ( bridge with a built in road surface).


  1. Amazing job, fantastic. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi majickfen, thank U and have a nice day. Carlos