Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Police station Twinbrook

A new Twinbrook police station found under Community Lots, it's a rabbit hole. I got rid of the Mickey Mouse police badge and gave it a fresher look. The badge is the same as on the police cruiser. I placed the station to the back of the lot, giving me enough space to create a parking lot. I used a 64x64 lot. I'll be making some signs as part of the police station soon.

Police station Twinbrook (MediaFire)
Police cruiser Twinbrook (MediaFire)
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  1. Will you be making the police car as a decor object, I would love it if you did, I only have a small town and would like some police cars out front the same as you did for the fire truck.

  2. Hi Coffey, OK it shall be done soon. I'll just remove the town's name ( on the badge ) so you can use them in any town.

  3. Awesome, Thank you, I adore your stuff, makes my game more interesting, cheers

  4. Hi Coffey, I try, cheers. Carlos.