Thursday, 27 October 2011

White wardrobe 2 metres wide

A new white wardrobe 2 metres wide found under Storage / Dressers, costs 550. You need Generations or a later pack for the item to show in the game.
White wardrobe 2 metres wide (MediaFire)
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White wardrobe
PS. If your wall is 8 metres wide, 4 of these will fit perfectly into the wall. The wall shown in the above picture is 9 metres wide.


  1. Could you make Royal albert hall rabbit hole, please ?

  2. Hi efraim,
    I'm sure I could but you'll have to make a donation of at least £1 000 so I can take some unpaid leave from my work to be able to build you a Royal Albert Hall rabbit hole from scratch.

  3. Since Pets release - does your cars work with Pets? I've notice that some cars that used to work,don't any longer - the wheels don't turn.

  4. Hi rdwalker36, download the
    "Pets CC Bug Fixer", on the left of this page under "Must see posts" that fixes the Pets release bugs. Carlos