Sunday, 9 October 2011

Wind turbines for CAW

A new set of 6 wind turbines, found under Décor / Misc. Decor, cost 0. The 3 blades are in 20 degrees increments in the anticlockwise direction from turbine 1 to turbine 6. They require a radius of 67 metres so if you want to place more than one, you'll need to do it in CAW. You need Ambitions and to place the packages in both the mods/packages (Sims3 ) directory and in the "The Sims 3 Create a World Tool/ Packages" directory for the items to show in your game. There is an earlier post explaining how to install items in CAW.
Importing packages into CAW
Wind turbine set (MediaFire)
PS. Each turbine has 3 groups, group 2 is the 3 blades. If anyone could make them rotate, please do it and send me a copy of it.

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