Thursday, 15 December 2011

Galeocerdo cuvier - Tiger shark

A new Tiger shark found under Edit Town / World Editor / Landmarks. The nice thing about this is that the shark can be placed in any game that has a sea front. It can also be placed in CAW making it a permanent fixture in your game. It has an offset of +28 metres in the Y axis ( the default ocean height for Sunset Valley and my game ) so it should show at the correct height above sea level in the game. If not, then it's height in regard to the sea level will have to be done in CAW, Y position being set to 0. It can be rotated or moved around anytime you wish to move it to a new spot ( in the World Editor ) making it extremely handy in any game.
You need Ambitions for the item to show in your game.
If you need to place it in CAW please read
Importing packages into CAW
Tiger shark (MediaFire)
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