Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Ghost Free fence

A new set of 3 components of the Ghost Free fence found under Decor / Sculptures, all cost 0.
The "Ghost Free fence" consists of 12 poles with 12 sections. Use the cheat moveobjects on. The fence can be moved fractionally which makes it a very desirable fence to construct. Use the "Ghost Free fence 1 section" to fill up gaps or where the "Ghost Free fence" is too long to be used. The "Ghost Free fence end piece" is used to "end the fence" at the end of the fence. Although it's not a fence ( technically speaking ) it has the same attributes of a fence, eg. Sims walk around it, gates can be attached to it. You need Ambitions or a later pack for the items to show in your game.

Technical Info.
Ghoster Busters Inc. guarantee that no ghost will come near this fence. It generates a frequency that can't be heard by Sims but drives ghosts and other Underworld creatures up the wall. After installing this fence your Sims will have no more sleepless nights.
Ghost Free fence set (MediaFire)
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  1. Hi Carlos... Wow!!! This fence is so cool... will be using it a lot.... looks fantastic.

    Thank you!!

  2. Hi majickfen, under "MovementFlags" there is an option "GhostsCannotFoatThrough", I ticked it. I've never used it before so let me know if it works. I ticked it in all 3 items.
    Have a nice day. Carlos

  3. Hi Carlos... ok testing the fence now.

    Will let you know what happens.

    This fence is so good looking in the game.


  4. Hi Carlos...

    Ok finished testing the fence.

    I made a playable spirits about 4 of them and they went through the fence.
    Also I created some sims and put them inside the fence with moveobjects on and then killed them and the Reaper came, they went through the fence to go to the Reaper.

    Still the fence is gorgeous and I love it.
    Cheer! Have a great day.

  5. Hi majickfen, it was created with TSRW and under the MovementFlags section, GhostCannotFloatThrough is set, so it should stop ghosts floating thru' it.
    Unfortunately there is no other available setting to stop ghosts.

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