Thursday, 8 December 2011

Stolen gangster van

A new stolen gangster van found under Vehicles / Cars, costs nothing. It has 4 colour channels.
By the looks of it, you'll probably need to hire a chauffeur as it looks like the Sim doesn't drive the van.  It might be using some advance technology inside it, how knows, as we can't see into it because of the one way see through, all round tinted windows !? You need Generations or a later pack for the van to show up in the game.
Stolen gangster van (MediaFire)
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  1. Hi Carlos... this is a great van... now I will have a car to fit in with my 50's home... some criminals are living there.

    Also love the Mafia's car... really great.

    Thank you so much!!!


  2. Hi majickfen, cheers. You should send me some pictures of your 50's home. My e-mail is