Thursday, 5 January 2012

3 x gap between lots cement blocks for CAW

A new set of 3 cement blocks found under Metadata / Game Objects / Environment in CAW. Can be use in World Editor but it's preferable to be used in CAW as it might be a mission to do it in the World Editor. Use it only in World Editor as a last resource. In CAW you'll have to have 2 of the co-ordinates assigned the same values right through in every block ( pressuming your lot is placed at right angles ), to make the blocks perfectly straight and level.
The set of 3 cements blocks, consists of:
1 x 4,0 x 1.0 x 0,1 metres , darker asphalt
1 x 4,0 x 1.0 x 0,1 metres , lighter asphalt
1 x 4,0 x 0,5 x 0,1 metres , darker asphalt
0,5 metres is the minimum possible gap between 2 lots. They have ridges so they don't look like solid blocks. They can be tilted ( highly not advisable ). You need Ambitions or a later pack for the item to show in your game. There is an earlier post explaining how to install items in CAW.
Importing packages into CAW
Gap between lots cement blocks set (MediaFire)
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PS. If you're familiar with TSRW you may change the texture to suit your needs. Just make sure you "Create a new project" and give it a unique "Project Name", in case you need the original package, otherwise instead of 2 you'll only have 1 item showing in the game. It's always safer to create a new project because you always have the original if everything else fails.


  1. Can you use these blocks on sidewalks, so when I make a bus stop like you did - it looks like the bus lane? Hope you understand what I'm saying.

  2. HI rdwalker36, I don't think so. These are meant to be placed between lots. You can't place them over roads. The bus stop showing on the picture above is just made up of different tiling and the the yellow line is my "Road marking yellow line" post found under the "Infrastructure" post in Simming In My Style ( easier to find ). Carlos

  3. thanks, very important deco. very.

  4. Thanks Carlos for your reply, and outstanding work - you work has making my new town more interesting!