Monday, 2 January 2012

The workshop 6. LS2 CR1 helmet

A new LS2 CR1 helmet found under Decor / Misc. Decor, costs 50. It's specially made to fit onto The workshop 2. Shelves . You need Ambitions or a later pack for the helmet to show in your game. Use cheat moveobjects on to place helmet on the 2nd shelf.
LS2 CR1 helmet (MediaFire)
The workshop 2. Shelf set
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  1. Hi Carlos, You dmake such WONDERFUL CREATIONS!!! Where can I find the Wall Decorations form the Workshop Set you show here? Also my USA Flag wont show up since the game updated to a new Patch, I only have the base Game. Thanks Mike

  2. Hi Mike, you need Fast Lane Stuff for the Wall Tools set to show. Have a look under the USA flag to see which expansion pack do you need for it to show. Send me an e-mail to and I'll make you an USA flag especially for the base game.