Monday, 5 March 2012

BP petrol station

A new BP petrol station consisting of 15 parts, found under Decor/Misc. Decor, all cost 0. It includes a car wash ( 4 parts ). I've used the garage parking bays, next to the pumps and one in the car wash. I've doubled up the roof to cover up the 6 pumps. You need the cheat moveobjects on to place all the items. The signs have to fit flush with the colums, so you'll have to rotate them until they fit properly. The same is with the roof logo signs. You might want to add fountains to the car wash (  as in my Caltex car wash ) to make it look more realistic.
BP petrol station (MediaFire)
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  1. I said it before,and I'll say it again Love the work, it's some of the best out there. The Over the Hill Gang 55+

  2. Hi rbstephens1952, thank U very much. You've just made my day. My dad passed away in January so I had to take a full time job of looking after my mom ( she's a paraplegic ) in Portugal. This doesn't leave me much free time to create wonderfull stuff for my game and for everyone to share it with me. I have so much stuff to make but very little time to do it. By evening time, every day, I'm exhausted of lifting and helping my mom all day long. Some days I have virtually a couple of hours of free time. Carlos

  3. Hi aparna, please no non-game related replies. I've deleted your reply. Carlos