Thursday, 31 January 2013

Big parking lot

A new parking lot set. It's a Sims3Pack file so it has to be installed via the installer. Place the 13 packages in the packages folder. It consists of the following 14 items:

01. a 64x64 lot
02. Security fence
03. Sign left turn only - Ambitions & CAW
04. Sign right turn only - Ambitions & CAW
05. Sign handicap - Ambitions & CAW
06. Sign emergency lane no parking - Ambitions & CAW
07. Sign motorcycle parking only - Ambitions & CAW
08. Road marking parking ARROW
09. Road marking parking IN
10. Road marking yellow line
11. Aloe Vera
12. King palm
13. Canary Island Date Palm - Spread Out Leaves
14. Canary Island Date Palm - Young
You need Ambitions or a later pack for everything to show in your game.
Big parking lot set (MediaFire)

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