Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Golf course - tee

A new golf course tee found under Entertainment / Sporting goods, costs 0. You need Late Night or a later pack for the golf course tee to show in your game. Use in conjuction with my Golf course - hole 1 for CAW to create a realistic scenario where it looks like your Sim is really playing golf by teeing off at the first hole. Create more tee off's in front of further holes and your Sim can enjoy a game of golf. At the moment I only have 11 holes available.

You need to create a 10x10 lot in the World Editor ( or 3x8 lot in CAW ) and place the golf tee facing the golf hole. Make the lot Commercial and Visitors Allowed so the Sim can access the tee.
Golf course tee (MediaFire)
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