Thursday, 24 January 2013

St. Filipe Basilica under construction

A new St. Filipe Basilica under construction set of 10 items. It comes as a Sims3Pack which needs to be installed through the game installer. It consists of:
1.   A lot size 64x49
2.   St. Filipe Basilica walls
3.   St. Filipe Basilica roof
4.   St. Filipe Basilica roof trusses
5.   St. Filipe Basilica pillars
6.   Scaffolding  ** needs Late Night **
7.   Large crane  ** needs Late Night **
8.   Medium crane ** needs Late Night **
9.   Invisible fence - this keeps the Sims from walking through the walls
10. Seal in Freshness Cellar Doors ** needs World Adventures **. This is the entrance to the inside  of  the cathedral. You can use any double door.
The 8 package files included have to be added to the packages folder.
St. Filipe Basilica under construction set (MediaFire)
PS. Hopefully I'll soon finish the ornamental stained glass windows and add 2 roofs to the 2 steeples and make them available as to complete the construction.


  1. This is awesome. Very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Rhiannon, thank U very much. Yesterday I did the 8 tall side windows but I'm having a problem as the glass is not showing. I always battle with TSRW to get any of the glasses to show in the game. Carlos