Monday, 28 January 2013

Upgrading to Windows 8

I'll be upgrading to Windows 8 hopefully this afternoon. I've been backing up my whole system the past few days, so in between backing up and creating new posts means that I've been going to bed @ 02:00 every morning. I've basically installed everything on my AMD (second PC) and reshaped my town ( Setubal ) because I was running out of lots. I've created some new spaces in my (redone) world and I'll be first creating holes 12 to 18 of the Golf Course to try and complete the series. Hopefully everything will go smoothly with the Windows upgrade.
Have a nice day


  1. I hope so to, you honestly make the best stuff!! Well the coolest!!

  2. Hi Rated PG, thank U. I'm installing the Sims 3 ( all 9 packs ) for the second time. I over wrote the game files by mistake last night. It doesn't like that. Windows 8 is a pain. I prefered 7.