Tuesday, 26 February 2013

El Paso clinic centre

A new El Paso clinic centre found under Build Mode / Community Lots, costs 0. It's a rabbit hole. You need Late Night or a later pack for the clinic centre to show in your game.
El Paso clinic centre (MediaFire)
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St. John hospital

The El Paso clinic centre in a 64x64 lot (MediaFire)
includes 12 items:
1 Sims3Pack file = Clinic El Paso.Sims3Pack
and 11 package files
01. Plant Aloe Vera
02. Plant Palm tree (tree king palm - archontophoenix alexandrae)
03. Plant Moriche palm
04. Palm coconut straight trunk
05. Sign doctor parking only CAW
06. Sign emergency lane no parking CAW
07. Sign one way right CAW
08. Sign one way left CAW
09. Parking space pavement
10. Parking pavement long EA
11. El Paso clinic centre

The Clinic El Paso.Sims3Pack must be installed with the game installer, while the 11 package files must be placed in the My Documents/Electronic Arts/Sims 3/Mods/Packages folder. You need Late Night or a later pack for everything to show in your game. The colours of the plants will be different as I've adjusted them in the game. The colour of the front parking bays and drive through will also be different. You need to play around with the colour to get it as close as possible to the colour of the road.


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