Saturday, 27 April 2013

Horse jump obstacle wooden log

A new Horse jump obstacle wooden log found under Pet Essentials / Horses, costs 0. You need Pets or a later pack for the obstacle to show in your game.
Horse jump obstacle wooden log
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  1. Hi Carlos, this natural horse jumping is so great. Thank you!!!!!!
    Have a great day.

  2. Hi Andy, the game is so bland, I just wished I could make the base mesh to run in CAW so one could go horse riding (in the woods) and jump over obstacles. I want to makes small edges as jump obstacles and any other natural obstacles I may find. I also have in mind, bushes and plants as obstacles. I like the idea of riding outside lots in nature. I just wished I had more knowledge how to change the properties of the packages to not to be so restricted (eg. to lots). Carlos

  3. Thanks for this! This will go perfect at the equestrian lot on my rustic island!

  4. Hi simsl3gacies27, my pleasure. Busy making a new bale obstacle. Will publish it soon. Carlos

    1. That sounds great, I will use the bale too.

      Would it be possible to make new training posts too? The ones the horses run between around the track. Two weathered rustic wood poles or something would be cool.

      I look forward to the bale obstacle =)

    2. The bale obstacle is done. I'll publish it first thing in the morning. I'll look into the training posts in wook poles, it sounds like a great idea. Carlos

  5. Brilliant! Thank you so much Carlos.