Monday, 13 May 2013

Abigail - the Gorgeous Genie

Abigail - the Gorgeous Genie
A new Abigail - the Gorgeous Genie found in CAS. You need to place the file Abigail_Lopez.sim in the "My Documents/ Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / SavedSims" folder so Abigail shows up in CAS as a custom Sim.
I've used 2 custom nose sliders to make the nose look more realistic.
1. aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_NoseSeptumWidth.package
2. aWT_HACK_GEOMSLIDER_NoseSeptumHeight.package.
The lipstick
S-Club [ts3-makeup-lipstick] N31.package.
The hair
The eyebrows
The dress
MS See by Chloe Beaded Puff Sleeve Dress.package
The shoes
AAStyle Pump.package
Search for these on the internet.
What Abigail does:
1. She floats around when she has to travel longer distances, in the house and outside.
2. She can Magically Clean Sim (not 100% sure what happens here).
3. She summons food for herself.
How did she come about.
After my Sim cleaned Aladdin's lamp and a Genie appeared, I used "NRaas_MasterController" to send the Genie to CAS. There I altered her appearance and characteristics. When playing the new Abigail in the game I found out that she had kept some of her Genie attributes. So Voila !
Otherwise, she is really a stunning looking Sim.
She can also Banish other Sims
Abigail - the Gorgeous Genie
PS. You'll most probably need Showtime or a later expansion pack for the Genie attributes for show in Abigail.

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