Monday, 14 October 2013

Cargo 2 berth docks

A new Cargo 2 berth docks set consisting of 1 Sims3Pack file and 1 package file.
1. Carlos cargo 2 berth docks.Sims3Pack to be installed through the game launcher.
Package file
1. Carlos docks cargo 2 berth found under Vehicles / Miscellaneous Vehicles, costs 0.
This is a port with built in docks. The water line should be has shown in the last picture. You need Island Paradise. This port can be used anywhere. This port is based on the EA docks. This mesh is different to its predecessor.

How to place the port.
Somewhere on a coast create a 25x50 lot,  make it a Community Lot / Port. In Edit Town, under Show Community Lots, choose the Cargo 2 berth docks and then Place Copy on the newly created 25x50 lot. The game has 25x60 lots, too, so alternatively you could bulldoze an empty houseboat.
You might need to use the following game cheats:
1. TestingCheatsEnabled true
2. enableLotLocking true
to be able to make the Community Lot a port.
Cargo 2 berth docks set
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PS You could build another port next to this one and have 2 ships berthed on this dock.

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