Friday, 11 May 2012

2012 Shadow Navigator SUV

A new 2012 Shadow Navigator SUV found under Vehicles, it costs 69 000. It has 4 colour channels. You need Showtime or a later pack for the SUV to show up in the game.
2012 Shadow Navigator SUV (MediaFire)


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  7. Hi Redacción, no I can't. I speak English, Portuguese (mother tongue) and Afrikaans ( South African - like Dutch ).

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  9. Hi Achmad, I'm here ( in Portugal ). I look after my mom full time and it's a very stressfull job so I completly forgot to do backups. My drive crashed in May and I lost quite a bit of info. I've been rebuilding all my lost info but I'm having a major problem with CAW as it won't update. I need to update my town and get CAW to work. I haven't bought any new packages and I need some ddls for MilkShape to work properly with TSRW. Hopefully that will be sorted out soon.

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  10. maybe you need to upgrade Version Basegame To 1.42.
    and you can download CAW in this link

    thank you if you want to reply to my email :)

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