Thursday, 10 May 2012

Stadium venue parking lot

A new stadium venue parking lot. It's a Sims3Pack file so it has to be installed via the installer. It's a 64x64 lot. The fence is not included.
Stadium venue parking lot (MediaFire)
For the road markings, signs and parking spaces to show up you need to install the set of 7 packages.
NB. If you've downloaded all these prior then it won't be necessary to do it again.
You need Pets or a later pack for the items to show in your game. I've used the "Road marking yellow line" as yellow and as white for creating road lines.
Stadium venue parking lot signs, road markings and parking space set (MediaFire)

PS. I've filled the gap between the 2 lots with the
Gap between lots cement blocks set ,
the handicap sign  is part of the set Signs 1 ver 2  was placed in CAW as also the CAW 4 guardrails placed over the cement blocks. I've also used 2 paramedic signs and an emergengy only parking signs in CAW over the cement blocks to created an emergengy space between the disabled parking bays.