Friday, 16 August 2013

Ferry barge terminal port

A new Ferry barge terminal port set of 1 Sims3Pack file and 4 packages.
The packages:
1. Parking space found under Vehicles / Cars, costs 0
2. Gate boom with dual stop signs found under Decor / MiscellaneousDecor, cost 0
3. PC with 25in HD monitor found under Electronics / Computers, costs 399
4. Road marking parking ARROW found under Decor / MiscellaneousDecor, cost 0
You need Paradise Island for the ferry barge terminal port to work and for some items functionality. The Sims3Pack file has to be installed through the Game Launcher.
NB. None of the cars shown are included.
Ferry barge terminal port
I've altered the port. It now, has a separate driveway for the outgoing vehicles. It has "a not so steep" entrance/exit and it's longer. I'm using both versions on the 2 different islands.
Ferry barge terminal port Ver2
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  1. Hi Suzanne and Lilly, thank U. Your comment is highly appreciated. Carlos

  2. Hey Carlos, any idea where this lot is best placed in isla paradiso? There seems to be no 40x20 lot for that one?

  3. Hi Stefan, please e-mail me on and I'll send pictures where I've placed it. Carlos

  4. THANK YOU!!! I really needed this!