Friday, 16 August 2013

Ferry barge

A new Ferry barge set of 1 Sims3Pack file and 5 packages.
The packages:
1. Parking space found under Vehicles / Cars, costs 0
2. Gangway found under Vehicles / MiscellaneousVehicles, costs 0
3. Boat 2800hp twin turbine Deirdre found under Vehicles / Boats, costs 5 000
4. Lifesaver for houseboat found under Decor / Sculptures, costs 0
5. Sonar Furuno for houseboat found under Electronics / MiscellaneousElectronics, costs 0
You need Paradise Island for the ferry barge to work and for some items functionality. The Sims3Pack file has to be installed through the Game Launcher. It comes with the basics, a bed, a toilet, a shower and a kitchen.
NB. None of the cars shown are included.
Important. You have to make the ferry barge your first home otherwise you can't select any of the parked cars. I tested my first houseboat with a car on a parking space and I managed to land on the other island and drive with my own car ( and not being taxied around ). This time around, the Sim bought the ferry barge as a second property and it doesn't allow you to select any cars parked in their own ferry barge ( BUGGER ! shame on EA ! )
Ferry barge
This is now a second set of photos taken with a new Sim that owns only the ferry barge. She can now take one of the cars in the barge and travel around the second island. I've altered the barge slightly.
I've placed a door to the deck, placed lights on the deck ceiling, replaced the trailer of the Deirdre speed boat with the new one, altered the rooms, added a Sci-fi bed, a white cupboard ( my mesh ) and a basin in the kitchen. I had to remove some of the lifesavers. I've included those new items in both versions of the ferry barge.
NB. None of the cars shown are included.

Ferry barge Ver2
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