Thursday, 29 August 2013

Quinn's shack ( Makatea )

A new Quinn's shack ( Makatea ) set of 1 Sims3Pack file and 5 packages.
The packages:
  1. Car 2013 Shadow Avatar X3 found under Vehicles / Cars, costs 49 000
  2. Lighting rectangular ceiling 4x1 found under Lighting / Miscellaneous Lights, costs 0
  3. Parking space garage & other found under Vehicles / Cars, costs 0
  4. Scaffolding shack found under Decor / Sculptures, costs 0
  5. Trailer jet ski found under Vehicles / Boats, costs 10
You need Paradise Island for all of items making up Quinns's shack to show up in your game. The Sims3Pack file has to be installed through the Game Launcher.

It's an unfurnished 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, open plan ground floor, shack. The lot is 40x40 and costs 69 566. Pictures and the lot are from the second island of Island Paradise. The "Shack scaffolding" is different from the "Wood scaffolding for island shack". Now only 2 parts are used instead of 4.
Quinn's shack ( Makatea ) set
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