Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Wood scaffolding for island shack

A new Wood scaffolding found under Decor / Sculptures, costs 0. You need World Adventures ( or a later pack ) for the scaffolding to show up in your game.
I've lowered the whole scaffolding ( fence ) to suit the oriental type of roof. 4 of the posts ( + 4 hidden posts in the middle ) seem now to be holding the roof up.
Wood scaffolding V2
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Quinn's shack ( Makatea )
PS. I wanted to create a completely different looking shack ( sort of an elegant shack ) for my Island Paradise and the wood scaffolding just seen to do the job. I had to create the inside walls first and then place 4 wood scaffolding units around the walls creating an open plan ground floor with 2 sections. The upstairs is for the bedroom (s) and a toilet.

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