Monday, 23 September 2013

Majestic Dreams island tourer

A new Majestic Dreams island tourer set consisting of 1 Sims3Pack file and 9 package files.
1. Carlos Majestic Dreams island tourer.Sims3Pack to be installed through the game launcher.
1. Carlos lifesaver for houseboat found under Decor/ Sculptures, cost 0.
2. Carlos lighting rectangular ceiling 1x1
3. Carlos lighting rectangular ceiling 4x1 both found under Lighting / MiscellaneousLighting, both  cost 0.
4. Carlos modern pool recliner chair found under Comfort / LoungeChairs, costs 0.
5. Carlos painting Lake Pukaki & Mount Cook panoramic 3 pieces found under Decor / WallDecorations, cost 1.
6. Carlos ship hull modern for barge 6x20 with windscreen.package
7. Carlos sonar Furuno for houseboat found under Electronics / MiscellaneousElectronics, costs 0.
8. Carlos umbrella Carlsberg found under Decor / MiscellaneousDecor, costs 0.
9. Carlos wardrobe white 2 metres wide found under Storage / Dressers, costs 550.
How to install in game
You need Island Paradise. You also need a port. In Edit Town, under Show Empty Houses, choose the Majestic Dreams island tourer and then Place Copy on the port.
How to sail the Majestic Dreams island tourer
You need to click on the helm through the arch from the back. You can't do it any other way.
If you don't know how to build a port please go to the EA site, there are plenty posts there to help you.
Majestic Dreams island tourer set
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