Tuesday 24 September 2013

Port Sagres

A new Port Sagres. It comes as a Sims3Pack file so it has to be installed through the game launcher. You need Island Paradise. This port can be used anywhere.
This is a very straight forward port with no frills.
How to place the port.
Somewhere on a coast create a 25x50 lot, make it a Community Lot / Port. In Edit Town, under Show Community Lots, choose the Port Sagres Port and then Place Copy on the newly created 25 x 50 lot. The game has 25x60 lots, too, so alternatively you could bulldoze an empty houseboat.
You might need to use the following game cheats:
1. TestingCheatsEnabled true
2. enableLotLocking true
to be able to make the Community Lot a port.
Port Sagres
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