Saturday, 5 October 2013

Steam ship Carey part 3

A new Steam ship Carey part 3 consisting of 2 packages files
1. Carlos anchors capstans cleats latches for steam ship Carey
2. Carlos steam ship Carey for 5x20 barge both found under Vehicles/ Miscellaneous Vehicles, both costs 0. I've included the steam ship Carey body because I'm made changes to accomodate the anchors.
How to install
Firstly you need Steam ship Carey part 1 installed and running. Then the easiest way is, get a Sim to sail the steamer, then click on the Buy Mode F2 button. Choose the Carlos anchors capstans cleats latches for steam ship Carey. Use the cheat moveobjects on and rotate the set until the 2 anchors are roughly in front of the 2 holes in the front of the ship. Then grab it and place it in the right place. See pictures 3 and 4 below. I highly recommend that you then delete the ship and place the newer version. Sometimes the game doesn't update the new mesh. By deleting it and placing the new one, your steamer will be up to date with all the improvements I've made.
Future items
I'll probably finish making 2 chains to link the 2 anchors to the capstans. The chains unfortunately are very highly detailed which makes them too big, when used with other objects, for Milkshape, the meshing program I use. That's all well, if Milkshape permits it. The anchors have at the moment attached to them, 3 chain links each, of these proposed chains.
Steam ship Carey part 3
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  1. I really like these!

    Would you be able to post the capstain and the cleats as separate objects?

    I'm working on a HUGE ship in the game and these would really help!

  2. Hi TheBrandoGuy,whould you please make a donation first and then I can make items especially for you. Carlos